Monday, May 1, 2017

Work Hard, Play Hard!

Bonjour Family and Friends!

Wow wow wow... the Miracles never cease!! This week was full of them.

We knocked on doors literally all day on Thursday. We started off in the morning by going to a cute neighborhood that we discovered last week. There weren't tons of people home and the ones that were, weren't very interested. We decided to continue because we had already made the effort to take to the bus to this neighborhood! We walked up a long driveway to a big home. We knocked on the door and a Luxembourgish man answered. We began explaining that we were here to share the joy and the peace that we have found in our lives through Jesus Christ. He looked at us and then pointed to the BMW in his driveway and the big houses in his neighborhood.. he then said, "As you can see, we don't have many problems here." In other words, we don't need God because we are financially stable. That got me all fired up and I immediately started to testify of how we all need God etc. He wasn't too happy with that answer so he proceeded to close the door. At first, I was super angry with this man, but then my anger left and I actually just felt sad for him because he honestly believes that he can only find happiness in money. That is really sad because the things that bring us the most joy in life, are things that can't be bought.

Exploring our beautiful country!!

Later on in the same day.. We had about 20 Minutes left before we had to go home for dinner, so we decided to knock on some doors. We had 3 houses in a row where the people were super mean. They slammed the door right on our faces after saying some choice words to us in English. We decided to knock one more door so that we didn't end the night on a negative experience. We knocked on the next door but nobody answered. As we were about to walk away, a car drove into the driveway and a business man got out of the car. We introduced ourselves and asked him if he believed in God. He smiled at us and then said "Look at everything around us." As I turned to look at the things around us, I noticed the BMW in his driveway and thought to myself, "Oh no.. not this answer again." He then continued, "Every time I look around me, I become more sure that there is a God. The trees, the air, the earth, my body, my family, etc. Prove that there is a God who is there and looking out for us. I am going through a divorce right now and I know that I can always turn to God to find peace for my soul." I was so shocked that he had just said those things that all I could mutter out when he was finished was, "Thank you." He is someone that has chosen to be humble and grateful and it shows in his countenance. He literally seemed so happy, even though he is going through a hard time in life. It's because he chooses to recognize the hand of God in his life. It doesn't happen very often that we meet people like him. As he was talking, it reminded me of the scripture found in Alma 30:44..."All things denote there is a God; yea, even the earth, and all things that are upon the face of it, yea, and its motion, yea, and also all the planets which move in their regular form do witness that there is a Supreme Creator." We proceeded to testify that God can truly brings peace to our souls and gives us direction for our lives through the Book of a Mormon. He invited us back the next week to teach him more about the Book of Mormon and our beliefs!

At the beginning of the week we were on our way to drop off a Book of Mormon, at a home of a family we meet a couple weeks ago. As we passed the proceeding town, I felt the need to get off the bus and knock on doors on a particular road. I debated what to do for a couple minutes because we didn't often come out to this side of town and we had promised to drop off the Book of Mormon to this family. I decided that we could drop of the Book of Mormon and afterwards come back and knock on doors. By the time we had finished dropping off the Book of Mormon, we didn't have any time left in the night and we had to return home. I really felt strongly that we should go knock doors on this particular street and so I felt bad for ignoring a prompting. For the next couple days, this street kept coming to my mind. On Friday night, we decided to cancel our plans so that we could go out and knock on doors on this street. We had just started knocking when we saw that a couple houses down a couple came out of their house and got in their car. But instead of leaving, they sat there and stared at us as we went house to house. We continued to walk down the street and they pulled out of their driveway. When they got closer to us, they rolled down their window and asked what we were doing. We told them that we were missionaries for of church. They got big smiles of their faces and said, "We need to leave right now, but we would love to have you come back another night!" That totally caught me by surprised because I really thought they were going to yell at us for knocking on doors in their neighborhood! It had literally only been 5 minutes since we had started so we continued along the same street. The last house we talked with a Luxembourgish lady that happens to know one of the long time members of our ward! We introduced the Book of Mormon and we are going go back again next week. After talking with her, I knew that's why we needed to come to that street. I am grateful to have the companionship of the Holy Ghost to help lead and guide us!!

All of our investigators are progressing really well and I am still loving Luxembourg. I am so grateful to be a part of this work. La vie est belle!

Sœur Johnson

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